Do you know the different between SMM and social business? |

Do you know the different between SMM and social business? |

Are you aware of the differences between social media marketing and social business? Most of the marketers and brands have a wrong idea about it, according to Leader Networks, a communication organization. The organization builds relationships with executives and recently submitted their study on social business in the B2B world.

Per the study, it is found that more than 50% businesses don’t know about the actual difference between social business and social media marketing. And the worse is, they think these two are just the same. According to the respondents, there is absolutely no difference when it comes to strategizing on their company’s marketing efforts.

However, Leader Networks clearly mentioned the difference in their study:

“Social Media Marketing: The use of social media for marketing.

Social Business: Using the elements above to enable more efficient, effective, and net-new connections between people, information, and assets to drive business decision, action, and outcome across the enterprise.”

To say in simpler terms, social business signifies a long term relationship between a company and its employees and customers. On the contrary, social media marketing implies marketing a company’s products or services on social networks.

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