Dear Google, ‘Don’t Be Evil’ | SocialExcerpts

Dear Google, ‘Don’t Be Evil’ | SocialExcerpts

Dear Google, ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Jan 27

Google has run into rough weathers with “Search Plus Your World”. After a public spat with micro blogging site, Twitter over changes made in its social search algorithm (which give the upper hand to Google+), Google now faces a new search app called “Focus On The User”.

Search Plus Your World has been at the centre of controversies since inception. In this new algorithm, posts, pictures and videos shared on Google+ get higher rank. Google claimed it would make search more customized. However social networking giants begged to differ.

A group engineers from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter took it upon themselves to remind Google of its fabled motto “Focus on the User”. It will deliver users the “real” social results of their search, they claim. They used Google’s own algorithms to dish out relevant sites, instead of showing only those relevant due to Google+ integration.

Google has not yet reacted to this development. It will be interesting to watch what transpires in future and how social search is affected by these events.

Until then, do you think, Google is evil?

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