Coexistence of SEO & SM experts | SocialExcerpts

Coexistence of SEO & SM experts | SocialExcerpts

Coexistence of SEO & SM experts Oct 19

Can an SEO expert and a social media specialist work hand in hand? Most of us would say ‘no’, simply because these two belong to two completely different sectors. While SEO takes care of your website ranking, social media experts look after your social profiles and footprints. While many opine that SEO is a dying art, some say that social media is just dished out. One is important for our websites while the other one plays a crucial role in SM management. But one thing that can’t be overlooked is, we need both of them. So, is there a way in which SEOs can work with SM managers, while helping each other out?

Yes, knowledge-sharing is the keyword here. Let’s find out the rest.

Train each other on the essentials.

Both should share their technical knowledge with each other in bits and pieces. Generally, it’s noticed that SM marketers come from a non-tech background. So, they might not understand SEO jargons such as faceted navigation, response codes, link building and so on. For this reason, the training content should focus on simple things like metatags, keywords etc.

First thing’s first, SEOs should try to explain the importance of keywords to the SM experts, so that they can play the same game with SMO (social media optimization). Keyword research is an art and SM experts should also know it, since they need to optimize social media profiles as well. There are a number of free tools that can be of your help for keyword searching. For example, Google Adsents is one of them. Train the SM professionals to use it effectively.

SEO for social profiles – many social media experts don’t know that the social media profiles can be optimized for better visibility. However, SEO techniques are different for each social media platform. And amazingly, Twitter, Facebook, facebook-3-3 twitter-3-3 email-3-3 linkedin-3-3 digg-3-3 delicious-3-3 reddit-3-3 stumbleupon-3-3 tumblr-3-3 posterous-3-3 email-3-3 snailmail-3-3

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