Chat room abbreviations | SocialExcerpts

Chat room abbreviations | SocialExcerpts

Chat room abbreviations Dec 14

Chatting is fun! Isn’t it? In this age of instant messengers like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and FB, chat rooms have become the best friends of internet regulars. And why not! Social Media has made the world shrink down to our laptop and smart phones. Thanks to Web 2.0 technologies that we can connect with our family and friendly instantly and thanks to IM that we send and receive instant messages. However, over the time, the chatting ‘lingo’ has gone through a lot of changes. For example, language becomes lingo.

The medium is huge and so is its scope. Among the entire hustle bustle on Social Media platform, your jokes might have been taken seriously and your sarcasm might go for a toss. The right way to communicate with the Gen-Y folks is by using chat room abbreviations. If you’re new to these abbreviations, this post will help you understand their actual meaning as well as their sarcastic versions. And the next time you’ll enter the chat room, you won’t be sitting with a poker face.

LOL: ‘Laughing out Loud’. Well, may be your friend finds your joke very poor and he/she doesn’t have anything to say or he/she is in a hurry to end this.

LMAO/ROFL: Laughing My A** Off/ Rolling on The Floor laughing. People use these when it’s really funny. I mean genuinely funny.

L8R: ‘Later’ and it quite has a celeb touch in it. But who cares if you take a break from chatting for a while.

BRB: ‘Be Right Back’… loo break!

WYWH: ‘Wish You Were Here’… I would be able show my all my tantrums and frustrations to you, because no one else cares for me.

PAW: ‘Parents Are Watching’, which means I need to stop chatting and don’t you dare send any messages meanwhile.

XOXO: ‘Hugs and Kisses’. This is perfect when PAW!

AFAIC/FAIK: ‘As Far As I’m Concerned’ or ‘As Far As I Know’… basically I am not sure.

ATSL: ‘Along The Same Line’ and I am about to change the topic.

BTT: ‘Back To Topic’. Yes, I have studied the subject and now I am ready to discuss it now.

BTW: ‘By The Way’, I think we have an old matter to sort out.

CUL: ‘See You Later’. Well, I am not sure if at all I want to see you in future or not.

DEB: ‘Don’t Even Bother’. I use this especially when I want someone to bother, actually.

GMTA: ‘Great Minds Think Alike’. You mean you and your friends think alike!

BFF: ‘Best Friend Forever’… Yeah sure, why not. I said this a thousand time to thousands of people.

JK: ‘Just Kidding’. I always do. This is one of my cover-up plans.

NBD: ‘No Big Deal’, on a second thought it might be a complaint. So beware. Don’t sit back if your BF/GF comes up with anything like this.

WTG: ‘Way To Go’ and I am not happy with your work. You could do a lot better.

YGLT: ‘You’re Gonna Love This’. Push selling.

EOD: ‘End of Discussion’ because I always want to win the verbal battle.

And there are thousands of abbreviations like that. These abbreviated terms have really made chatting easier and faster. You don’t need to type long phrases or the entire spelling. Moreover, you can read between the lines of others now. YKWIM… right?

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