Be safe, use mobile safety apps! |

Be safe, use mobile safety apps! |

Are you safe? Or let us ask, do you feel safe?

Unfortunately, none of you can claim that you are safe, be in at home or on the road. Women safety is one of the growing social concerns around the world. Even if you venture into your so-called safe zone, you never know when and how a threat may arise. Can you roam around without any safety concern on the road, at the office elevator, at the parking lot or in the market place? No!

But as they say, charity begins at home, your security is your responsibility! Many organizations and developers already started working on this and launched many women safely mobile apps to offer you a smarter way to remain safe.  These apps establish the emergency link between you and your trusted ones or the nearest police station, when you need.

Here are some of the best women safety mobile apps, which you can easily download and employ when you do not feel safe.

SafetiPin: This app is developed by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu, with the help of the UK government’s Department of International Development and Ford Foundation. It offers a geo-location based view of your current location along with images, comments and safety meter of the area. It is somehow different from other safety apps, as it creates a community, which gives you ratings on a location, based on its social activities.

The app is available to Android and iPhone users.

VithU: It is a Gumrah Initiative and developed by Start India Pvt. Ltd. If you do not feel safe in a particular area, you just need to click the power button of your phone twice. And the app will instantly send alerts to three of your chosen contacts with your current location and will keep on sending the message in every two minutes.

This app is available to Android and iPhone users.

Circle of 6: Originally made for college students, this app is now used by one and all, who finds herself in an unsafe circumstance. You just need to tab the phone screen twice and it sends your message to six of your pre-determined contacts. Apart from sending your current location, it also sends a request for a phone call from your end, in case you need to break a stressed situation.

This app is available on iPhone

iFollow: Developed by Aucupa Innovative Solutions, this security app always runs on your phone’s background. On shaking the phone for five seconds, the app gets activated. It automatically sends a voice call to the specified contact. However, you can include three contacts in the list. iFollow makes a call to your prime contact and waits for him to answer the call. If the call remains unanswered, the app sends a text message to all three of your contacts with your current location and continues sending messages in every 10 meter of your change of position.

This app is available to Android users.

Nirbhaya: You can send your current geo-location along with longitude and latitude to your chosen group or person with this app. It works with a single click. You can send the emergency message on shaking the device. In addition to that, this app sends alerts about your current position to your contacts after every 300 meters.

This app is made for Android users.

Someone, who you trust, will always be there for you, with one of these apps. You just need to let them know that you need their help. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t wait for any accident to happen. Download one of these apps today! Be safe! Feel safe!

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