Are you staying connected? | SocialExcerpts

Are you staying connected? | SocialExcerpts

Are you staying connected? Oct 04

You have often heard experts blurting out about how social media enables you to connect with your audience or speeches along those lines? The answer is, quite a lot, if you are frequent on Facebook, Twitter, et al. Let us explain.

 Social Networking, in fact networking of any sort, isn’t merely about connecting with consumers, suppliers etc. It is all about staying connected.

In real life, how often do you meet someone for the first time and then forget about them, and they pass the business your way or purchase what you are selling? Well, it may happen in case you are a retailer, but the practice is not good, right? Wouldn’t a series of repeat customers be an achievement for you?

 Lifetime value is the unmitigated value of all.

As admitted by most businesses, it is much easier and less costly to sell to an existing customer, than to hunt down a new one. Also, repeat business has a greater chance to gain new business, in most cases.

So, isn’t it better to maintain a relationship with your consumers (old or new)? As it is, social era has proved to be very difficult.

Put an effort into staying connected

It is said that, “A fully packed stadium with a capacity of 5000 is way better than a one-fourth filled stadium with a capacity of 10,000″.

It, probably, isn’t the best analogy pertaining to this situation, but you get the drift. You have to put in an effort into staying connected, creating, sharing relevance and value, and taking part in conversations that matter to your audience. Remember, social business is about creating mutual benefit for both business and consumers.

The mantra of staying connected:

  1. Create a list or group of some kind (on every social platform you are active on) and place your current customers within this group/list and more importantly, make a conscious effort to engage/share/connect/add-value/etc. with them at least three times a week. Make it personal to them, that is, forget the sales speech.
  2. Listen, Learn, Act. Staying connected doesn’t mean that you have to continually push out messages to you audience. It’s a fact that, letting the other person talk while you listen is a good etiquette. It also provides you with better platform to respond and add value.
  3. You have got to learn to care. In the Social Era, it is so easy to spot falseness in people’s engagement and activity. If you don’t care enough to stay connected, don’t chase the initial connection in the first place, as this provides no value for either party involved.

We, sincerely, hope that this helps you, entertains or sparks the energy in you to re-connect with your social connections. Do feel free to connect with us, only if you wish to stay connected. Let’s create an environment of share, care, relevance and value with one another.

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