Are You Marketing in Your Niche? |

Are You Marketing in Your Niche? |

Do you know what your niche is? Many misunderstand it for target marketing. But they are different.

Niche is the target group of the audience who matter to your business. No matter if you are writing a blog or making a social media post or developing a new marketing plan, your marketing efforts should be centered on your niche.

Niche marketing is different from target marketing. In the latter, we aim at people who are our existing customers as well as have the possibility to be our potential customers. But in niche marketing, brands identify a specific feature of a product or offer or service and market it to the people who will resonate with it immediately.

Let’s have a clear idea with an example. Let’s assume you are targeting women ages 20 to 40 for your product. This is target marketing. You are targeting women in general. But let’s assume you are targeting housewives particularly for a new product. Here your targeting will be more specific. Latter is called niche marketing.

Advantages of niche marketing:

Niche marketing is much more effective than target marketing. Let’s see why!

With niche marketing, you are targeting less people but with higher possibility to opt for your service. These are the people, who immediately want to buy products or services from you, unlike target marketing, which takes time to convert.

In niche marketing, there is much less competition, as the audience is extremely specific. In target marketing, there are more people you are targeting and chances are there your competitors are also targeting them, since it’s a broad category.

In niche marketing, you can toiler your content according to your specific audience. This enhances the reach and effect of your content. And your content has fewer chances to get lost in the crowd as well. Your time and hard work will be paid off.

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