Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Microsoft Surface! | SocialExcerpts

Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Microsoft Surface! | SocialExcerpts

Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Microsoft Surface! Oct 29

With Apple and Samsung going Spartan on each other with their Tabs, Microsoft has entered the space with its Surface Tablet. Rumor has it, that it is a step ahead of iPad 3 and Galaxy Tab 2. Apple’s iPad is the undisputed winner since its introduction is 2010, with Samsung in the second and Microsoft in the 3rd place. Apple holds the largest share in the tablet market.

With so many choices in front of you, it can get confusing, frustrating even. To bring a bit of sunshine in your life, we are providing you with a through comparison of the three.


Steve Job’s minimalist design created a revolution and has been incorporated with all iOS devices. Needless to say, they look just fabulous. Samsung, on the other hand, had to change its design of its Tab 2 in order to avoid any legal conflict with Apple.  The new Galaxy Tab has rounder edges than before and a little more grey/silver bezel has been provided around the outside. Microsoft Surface seems like a cross between a tablet and a laptop when it comes to its design. It has a light yet sturdy magnesium case for protection.


iPad 3 has a retina display with a 2048*1536 resolution on a 9.7 inch screen. Galaxy Tab 2 is 149 ppi which is almost half of Apple’s resolution. Surface Tablet has a 10.6 inches touch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Just check how far ahead Apple is in terms of technology!

What’s Inside?

We are talking about the hardware here. Apple introduced a brand new processor chip with iPad 3, called A5, which has a quad core graphics. The processor is about four times faster than its nearest rival, The NVidia Tegra 3. Galaxy Tab 2 consists of a dual core 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, which is pretty much any tablet in the market. Though there is nothing revolutionary about this processor but it fares well while operating on an Android Platform. Microsoft Surface Tablet will have an ARM based version as well as Intel Mobile processor and NVidia Tegra 3.


iPad 3 was loaded with iOS 5 and later updated to iOS 6. Galaxy Tab 2 is equipped with Android’s Ice cream Sandwich and Microsoft Surface sports Windows 8, which they claim to change the user experience.

 Say Cheese:

Apple’s iPad 3 camera borrowed some of its features from its sister, iPhone. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel, backlight illuminated sensor (BSI), image and video stabilization, 1080p video recording and both autofocus and auto exposure. Galaxy Tab 2 has a 3.15 megapixel camera that can capture 1080p HD videos. The camera system has a LED flash along the autofocus and geo-tagging. Microsoft Surface has 1.2 megapixel of camera and can shoot 720p of video.


Since Apple beats the other two in terms of technology, it has also beaten them in its cost. You can buy a 32 GB Microsoft Surface at the same price of Apple iPad 3 16 GB, $499. A 64 GB Touch Cover of Microsoft Surface costs $699. A 32 GB Touch Cover is available at $599. The prices in India are a bit sketchy for both these gadgets. Galaxy Tab 2 is priced at $349.99 and the price in India the approximate price is Rs 19,300.

Who is your favourite among them? Do let us know.


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