A sneak peek into Blogger Relations | SocialExcerpts

A sneak peek into Blogger Relations | SocialExcerpts

A sneak peek into Blogger Relations Nov 15

To understand what ‘blogger relation’ exactly is, we need to understand that there is a thin line between bloggers and journalists. And the difference lies in the medium, they use to connect with the mass. Bloggers generally work online. So blogger relation should be considered as an online PR activity. Blogger relation refers to a relationship between a brand and bloggers, so that the former can promote their services and ideas through the later.

Big brands are turning their attention towards bloggers with every passing day. Whether it’s a huge campaign or a website launch, companies are counting on blogger relation, big time. But many organizations fail to understand the term ‘blogger’ in the truest sense. Since social media largely is a broadcasting tool, where user-generated content plays the key role, ‘blogger’ refers to people.

How to build blogger relation effectively? Let’s see.

•    Conversation should be the keyword here. The PR person should be empowered with this skill. The more efficient your PR skills are, the stronger and more meaningful relation you can make. Here, in the battle between Quality and Quantity, Quality wins. •    Identify the preferred mode of contact with the chosen bloggers. For some, it might be Twitter DM, for some Facebook messages, while for some emails work best. Clarify it at the beginning of the conversation. •    Once the bloggers are ready to work with you, share their content with different social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Create a conversation within your personal network. Ask the respective blogger to do the same as well. •    Traditional press release has nothing to do with blogger relation. Try different things, creatively. Videos or podcasts can be an ideal mode to do that. Make short clips and share with the market, which you are eyeing at. •    Set Google Alerts to know if anyone is talking about you on the web. It might be your consumer, you competitor, or your future lead. Or, you can search with specific keywords to track the people, who might be of your help.

•    Use all the social tools so that your viewers can easily share the content. Use RSS feeds to simplify the process of sharing. You can also explore blogroll. Comment on other’s blogs, so that they, in turn, get interested to visit yours and back link them as well.

According to Brain Solis, blogger relation is all about 6 Cs: Concept, Context, Consumption, Creditability, Community, and Conversation. If you can assure these six factors in the process of connecting with bloggers, you should know you have done it, successfully.

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