7 creative ways to generate visual content for social media | socialexcerpts.com

7 creative ways to generate visual content for social media | socialexcerpts.com
  • Images on Facebook generate 53% more Likes and 104% more comments than any other posts
  • YouTube daily visitor-count passed 4 billion
  • Instagram is more viewed than Twitter, when it comes to engaging mobile active users
  • Pinterest is now the 4th largest traffic generator in the world
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

By now you must be convinced that you need to share more and more visual content on social media, but not sure how to do it. Right? Well, it is true that images are more efficient to send your messages across, but the key to success lies in their originality. Many businesses do believe in the notion but fail to generate good quantity of original images for their branding.

Most of them succeed in doing it when it comes to creating one or two images every week, but when they need to do it in bulk, they face a real challenge to keep a balance between quality and quantity.

Here is a brief guide to bridge the gap:

Have some messages? Craft them in images

No matter what you want to share, be it a small tip or a motivational quote, or a service promotion, create an interesting image or video on it. You will get at least 50% more engagement than any other normal text posts.

Take your customers to a back-stage tour:

Your customers see the final product or service when you launch it. Offer a back stage tour to them to witness the entire process of making the amazing product. Take images and shoot short videos during production and share them when your product is about to hit the market.

Need to seek users’ opinion about anything? Post it in the form of images

Many times, marketers need to ask their customers some questions, in order to know them better. You can do it with images to ensure much better results. The reason is, a question with a relevant and interesting image catches the eyeballs of the mass easily. And it is a great crowd-sourcing idea too!

Need to run contests or announce a deal? Images are your best friend!

Sometimes a great discount offer or a great promotional deal goes missed, simply because your target audiences fail to notice it. But with images, you can never go wrong. You just need to focus on the offer to motivate your users.

Your customers have pictures to share with you. Invite them.

If your customers want to share their photos, clicked at your business venue, welcome them to share it on your social profiles. This is a great way to create user-generated content. It takes you one step closer to your customers by letting them to be a part of your brand.

Celebrating at office? Share them on social media

Your fans and followers would love to know what is cooking inside the corporate house. Share your images and videos at work. The scope is huge. It can be someone’s birthday celebrations, an interview with the employee of the year, the success story behind a booming project, or simply how some people behave weirdly at the office floor.

Last but not the least, be creative!

People connect with a brand, when the latter produces content that helps its audience. They may want a reason to laugh, they may seek help with a new tool, they may need a suggestion on a product selection, or they may just need to feel motivated. Visual content does it all with ease!!

Some of the examples may not have the equal amount of response, compared to others, but when it comes to creating great visual treat for their audience, they are doing it right. What do you think?

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