6 Steps to Become Pinterest Ready | socialexcerpts.com

6 Steps to Become Pinterest Ready | socialexcerpts.com

pinterest-logoPinterest is a now a must-have social media tool, if you have plenty of images to showcase. The more followers you have on the network, the more powerful your authority will be. This is the reason that businesses are trying their best to make it click on Pinterest. Here are some simple yet necessary steps that you must follow if you want your Pinterest page work for your business.

Get a Business page: Like Facebook, Pinterest too have two types of profiles. If you are a business, get a business page. Go to http://business.pinterest.com/ and join as a business.

Verify your website: Next up is, verify your official website on Pinterest. This verification lets people know that you have a business and can directly land on your business website or blog. The process is easy. Pinterest will provide with a code, which you need to paste on your website’s backend.

Make your website Pinterest ready: Make your website or blog Pinterest ready with Pinterest widgets. People, who visit your website should be able to pin the images directly from the website. Try Pit in and Follow us widgets first.

Know Pinterest demographics: It is found in a study that Pinterest users love to repin the images that are bright and warm in color choices. So avoid white, so that it does not blend with the white background of the platform. Red and orange work wonderfully on Pinterest. And slightly longer images work better on the platform.

Use Rich pins: Rich pins add a different dimension to your images. These rich pins are of four types: Product, Recipe, Movie and article. So no matter if you have an image or an article to show, Pinterest Rich pins support one and all.

Let people know: Now you need people to follow you on Pinterest. For this, you should try on your existing communities on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. Ask them to follow you on Pinterest as well as want to know their feedback. This is important to retain customers. Secondly, start following similar people and boards. Initiate conversations. Share their pins.

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