4 questions you must ask yourself before spending on paid content promotion | socialexcerpts.com

4 questions you must ask yourself before spending on paid content promotion | socialexcerpts.com

The impact of good content never grows fainter.

No matter how old your content is, with paid promotion, you can add many extra days to the lifespan of your content. In fact, it’s a must these days for two reasons. Firstly, you have created great content in the past and recycling the old content would save your time and money. Secondly, any old but original content can bring a huge and fresh traffic to your business.

This can be done in two ways. First of all, there are pay-per-click ads on Google and other search engines. And secondly, social media!

In the first case, you need to re-write your content description to fit the format of the classified ads on search engines. In the latter, the scope is huge, as different social networks and social bookmarking sites are there to offer advertising options with their own merits. However, it’s up to you, how you would choose the right networks that would ensure maximum exposure of your content.

But the question remains, are you ready for it? Do you have a strategy in place? Don’t hesitate to ask yourself a couple of questions to check if you are, at all, good to go for paid promotion.

Want to know about the questions? Here we go!

Does my content add value?

Remember, you are promoting your content for your users. It must add value to their time, apart from driving traffic to your business. What is your content’s unique selling point? Does it offer a solution or some useful tips? Since you are approaching a new audience, make sure to show up as professional as you can.

Finally, judge it yourself whether the content is great enough to be spent on? If the answer is ‘No’, first create a compelling content that you would be confident, proud and excited to share with the world.

Is my content relevant?

Relevance is crucial in content marketing. By relevance, we are referring to both time and audience. Always wait for the right time to promote your content.

Let’s say, there is a buzz going around about analytics and a lot of people are talking about the best analytics tools available on the web. Now if you have a good read content on the topic, don’t miss a single chance to promote it on the relevant channels. But be sure of its quality before starting paid promotion.

Do I know how would my content reach the target audience?

No matter if your audience is global or local, you can easily reach one and all. Thanks to the advanced targeting options, offered by different social networks and search engines.

Facebook offers advanced targeting option, where you can include or exclude people in/from the campaign.

While targeting your potential customers is comparatively easier, the more difficult part is to identify the right networks, where your audiences spend their time online. If you could do it, next up is setting a convincing ad with a strong call-to-action, so that your audience could not help but click on it.

Is my content in sync with my brand?

We are talking about promoting your past content. There is, however, a small risk in it. Since it’s an old content, your business principle might be changed with time.

For example, let’s assume you used to be an online marketing service providing company but now you have your own products. As a service provider, you might have some standards, which are quite different from your present business principles. Don’t let them collide with each other.

If you get positive answers to all the four questions, you should know that you are ready for paid promotion for your old content. Else, take some time to let everything fall into place.

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