4 practices to make your Facebook profile scam free | socialexcerpts.com

4 practices to make your Facebook profile scam free | socialexcerpts.com

Are you familiar with the spammy links and messages on Facebook?

These links come with a catchy headline and image. They are so striking that you cannot help but clicking on them. And when you land up on the page, you find it nothing but a spam. The story does not end here. The moment, you click on it, such updates start posting from your profile automatically. And the worst part is, you don’t have a clue until a friend brings it to your notice.

However, the ‘Other’ messages, next to the Messages Tab, are less harmful. These are the messages that you get from people, who are not friends with you. If you are already aware of it, you know what kind of notes you get in the ‘Other’ tab. But you surely don’t want such compliments about your cuteness and beauty from a stranger. Do you?

Here are four practices that can keep your Facebook profile clutter free.

Make your profile security stronger: It goes without saying! Try to tighten your Facebook profile as strong as possible. Check for additional security measures you can add to your profile. The best practice is, stay away from giving your personal details to anybody, if he/she is only a Facebook acquaintance. Always associate your personal phone number to your profile. This will help you to get all the updates in no time.

Be careful about choosing friends: Do you think twice before responding to a stranger’s friend request on Facebook? What factors should pop up in your mind before saying ‘yes’ to someone’s friend request?

First of all, you should go to the person’s profile to see his/her complete profile. You should get a fair idea about his/her social, physical, and professional whereabouts. If you fail to figure it out, you know something is wrong with the person. Next up in the line are, their activities, friends and ‘Likes’. If you are convinced that he/she is not going to give you any trouble on FB, go ahead and click ‘Yes’.

To ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’: Think before ‘Liking’ a Facebook page or a post. If you misjudge here, you may end up receiving malicious content from a spam site regularly. And you will be left with no choice other than ‘Unliking’ the page. However, the damage would already be done. A little carefulness and you can get rid of all the nuisance.

Do not overshare: According to PC World, you should not indulge into oversharing on Facebook. Of course, the channel is for sharing your updates with friends and family, but there is always a risk of catching the eyeballs of scammers. Remember, nothing can be kept ‘Private’ on Facebook. The moment your friends like or comment on your update, it gets visible to the world.

For this reason, PC World prescribed not to post embarrassing photos on your timeline. This may result into serious trouble and you may end up deleting your updates, or even your profile.

Now that your Facebook profile is free of spams and scams, you can devote more of your time on Facebooking and least on spam checking!

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