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3 Facebook Commandments | socialexcerpts.com

This is the generation of social media. Every business and individual would admit this. Facebook, being the largest of all, is obviously the number one choice for businesses to promote their services, products and ideas. While there is no exception is this, many brands are doing wrong when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Here are three directives that every business should follow on Facebook

Don’t go too personal: Business pages work differently from your personal profile. Keep your business page as clean as possible. Deviate from any controversy. Of course there is a scope for healthy discussions but make sure you stay away from giving your personal opinion or try to establish what you think forcefully on your business page.

You can always post an issue on your page and ask your fans to comment on the issue. But make sure it does not turn off your fans and you don’t lose your potential customers.

Don’t forget to give credit: Many businesses use others’ content without giving any credit. Don’t make that mistake. Whenever you share other’s content, be it some other business page or someone’s blog, you must give due credit to the original post. Just add “Found in the site name”. There are many benefits of practicing it.

First of all, you would be clear in your approach of content curation. Secondly, the original content author would immediately recognize your sharing and you never you he might end up acknowledging your share with a like. This would enrich your content’s reach.

Hold your horses on hashtags: Ever since hashtags were introduced on Facebook, people have started using them frantically. Of course there is debate on the benefits of hashtags on the platform. Some people say that hashtags on Facebook are as good as that of Twitters while there are people who think Facebook hashtags don’t work like other platforms.

True, there is no enough data so far to support that hashtags work on Facebook. So, think before you use any hashtag with your posts.

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