2012 Social Media Trends | SocialExcerpts

2012 Social Media Trends | SocialExcerpts

2012 Social Media Trends Nov 29

2012 is near. In every industry, some changes and modifications are expected. What would be the new trends on social media in the New Year? Let’s find out.

Mobile blogs

“Smart phone users contribute 5% to 8.2% traffic to any blog, worldwide.” Considering the fact, bloggers and web writers are now concentrating more on mobile-friendly blogs. Besides, posting and viewing a blog on mobile devices is very easy and convenient, considering the time constrain people have these days. So, 2012 is expected to witness a big leap in the blogosphere, the mobile way.

Less is more

This will be the trend in the social media space in 2012. Number of popular platforms will be reduced, but third party applications will grow in a huge amount. More platforms will be evolved, which can synchronize your entire social media experience. Moreover, this may reflect on people’s choice as well. Most of them will prefer to sign up with a couple of social websites, rather than with the lot available in the market.

Discussions on privacy settings

According to a recent Facebook revelation, more than 6,00,000 Facebook accounts are being targeted by cyber criminals everyday. So, more and more discussions and seminars will be organized in order to talk about online security. Apart from that, people will surely want to guard their social history as much as possible. So, there are chances that new tools like ‘Me On The Web’ will come in.

Social gaming

The year of 2011 already witnessed a massive growth in the gaming sector, and 2012 might be the year, which will confirm online games on the pinnacle of success. All it started with Zynga and their simple board games. Gradually, it had been upgraded from badges to interesting fun games, where you can win discounts at your favorite bar or choose your favorite avatar.

Social search results

Search engine results will be affected by social media in 2012 to a greater extent. As we search online, more real-time results from various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will come in. So, more and more social media content will tend to appear, along with website and blog links.

These are some of the hot trends, which are coming in the year 2012. Is there anything you would like to add? Share your thought with us.

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