10 things you should never perform on Social media | socialexcerpts.com

10 things you should never perform on Social media | socialexcerpts.com

Social media experts and bloggers always preach for what to do on the space. However, the ‘DO-IT-RIGHT’ concept is very relative. One practice that suits you, may not be liked and appreciated by others. But there are a few SHOULD-NOT-DO things on social media that all the experts would agree unanimously, as sometimes knowing what not to do helps more than an ample knowledge on what to do.

Here we will be discussing 10 social media don’ts that you should never perform.

Don’t ignore consistency: Your followers on social media tend to forget you easily, if you don’t post regularly. Remember two things. The place is crowded with your competitors and the memory of the online users is very feeble.

Don’t forget to appear professionally: No matter how many platforms you are present on social media, make sure your business looks professional on all of them. Some people do it wrong when they focus only on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t ignore Google+: Many businesses find it useless to sign up for a Google Plus account. But the fact remains; it’s a great network for adding +1s to your business that reflects on your Google ranking.

Don’t spam: Don’t post throughout the day. Many marketers do it, thinking it would reach their target audience somehow. WRONG! It evokes disgust among your readers and they end up unfollowing you. Instead, schedule your posts on the peak hours.

Don’t delete/ignore negative remarks: Negative comments don’t look good but you should not delete or ignore them on social media. If you delete a negative comment, it would either be suspicious or would provoke the commenter to post more.  When it comes to responding, always try to fix the issue within 2-3 hours.

Don’t sign up for automated services: This is the most unprofessional activity that one can do on social media. Don’t go for automated services. They may save your time, but at the same time, would prove you as reluctant and less-human.

Don’t copy-paste replies: When you answer to your social media followers and interact with them, make sure every reply is toiler-made. Don’t just copy and paste the same answer to everyone. This puts a question mark on your sincerity.

Don’t ask for favors at the first interaction: Yes, you are trying to connect with that particular person because you think you can offer your services to him. But you must not ask for it the moment he connects with you. Very few people appreciate it and you may end up disgusting the person in no time.

Don’t be boring: When it comes to social media, the last thing you want to do is, appear boring. If you do it, your pages would get zero engagement, no matter how big brand you are. You should always experiment with different content.

Don’t be narcissist: Don’t make your social media pages all about yourself. Definitely, people want to know who you are and that’s the reason they connected with you on the space. But your followers would lose interest if you post only about your business, products and services.

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